“V does such great work, that I have no need to look further. He has relieved me of everything from back and neck pain, to digestive problems, and these problems have not returned. I see him just once a month now, to keep me feeling great! If you're not feeling as good as you know you should, go see V.” - C.M.

“V is highly recommended and I never thought acupuncture could be so beneficial. I have been seeing V for about 8 months and he cured my backache within the first few months. After a bad running injury I though would keep me away from running this years NYC Marathon, I am back in full training after V focused on my legs instead. His thoroughness and professionalism would put anybody at easy. The office atmosphere makes you calm down immediately.” – U.H.

“I have been a steady patient of V. Rojanavongse (we all call him "V" ) since November 2005. If you are seeking an acunpuncturist who is caring, compassionate, and knows the true vision of a healer, V is the one to see. He employs a variety of methods in his practice and has a sincere desire for his patients to improve. I recommend him wholeheartedly.” – D.B.

“V” was able to heal the chronic pain I had in my hip. I used to wake up from the pain and after just a few treatments, I was healed. Two years later, I’m still pain free. He’s amazing!” – N.F.

“I have gone to other acupuncturists but Prof. V. has the utmost understanding in terms of how much relief on each complaint can be remedied. I never leave the clinic not feeling better.” – Dr. V.G.

“My experience at East Wind Healing Arts is great! I have been cured of neurological, spinal, and general anxiety issues.” - L.P.

“I always feel great after leaving a session with Meladie. Not only is she kind and gentle, she genuinely cares about what is happening in my life and how acupuncture can help. I had a bad case of edema in my right leg that "western medicine" doctors could not determine the reason why or correct. Mel's acupuncture approach alleviated the edema! I always enjoy my time with Mel!” - S.P.

"Ms. Roberts is a compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable healer truly concerned about my overall well-being and health. She takes time to listen to all of my questions and concerns with patience and responds with informative answers. My treatments are professionally performed, while relaxing and energizing. I would recommend Ms. Roberts to anyone who is looking for alternative healing." - J.H.

“Meladie is an amazing acupuncturist! She has the most caring bedside manner and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I have tried other acupuncturists and Meladie’s techniques are gentle, painless and very effective. I always leave feeling much better.” – N.R.

"Meladie was my life savior. She got me back on track." -A.T.

"I appreciate Meladie’s compassion and since medicine is about outcomes, I have to say I have had all positive ones. My ankle pains have improved but I have received so much more than just pain relief. I am dealing with stress better, sleeping better and feel better balanced. What can I say - it works! Thank you for everything." – F.B.

East Wind Healing Arts
50 Lexington Ave, Suite LL3
New York, NY 10010
(917) 650 – 2801

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